Multi-Asset Solutions

Live the outcome

Institutional investors can have complex portfolio challenges and weighty responsibilities: From addressing the retirement needs of employees to achieving real return objectives to meeting portfolio construction challenges like matching 100-year liabilities. And each investor has a unique situation, with particular resources, obligations, preferences, and constraints.

Our Multi-Asset Solutions team takes an integrated, discovery-based approach to guiding our clients to the insights that help them clarify their objectives and define the outcome. We are then able to present potential solutions to help them achieve what matters most.

Joy of discovery

Listen to CEO Nico Marais, and Senior Investment Strategist Kevin Kneafsey describe the joy of discovery as we accompany you on your journey to better portfolio outcomes.

Multi Asset Solutions

Nico Marais, CFA:I think what’s exciting about the multi-asset solutions approach to solving problems is that it brings you incredibly close to the client and if your vision and your mission in life is to do the best for our clients, you can’t be in a better position, because you’re really in dialogue with a client and you can really guide them, you can show them the consequences, you can explain to them where the risk and the pitfalls are.

Kevin Kneafsey, Ph.D.:I think the challenge with complexity isn’t that it’s inherently bad, but the challenge with complexity is it takes so much mind share. You start to lose focus on what really matters and to me that’s why these simple lenses really help because they draw you back to what really matters; what are the big beta exposures in the portfolio? What am I doing to try to generate additional return through factors and through Alpha? And when you get the problem simple again, you get a lot of clarity. So complexity is a problem in that it obscures that clarity of what you’re trying to accomplish and then the direction how do you get that done.

Nico Marais. CFA: The biggest challenges investors are facing is the following. They struggle to understand how for example to protect their portfolio. They really struggle with it. What should I do? And often a lot of energy is spent on alpha and beating a benchmark but not enough on how you build your portfolio. What is your broad beta exposures, are you comfortable with those?

Building a solution for a client is equality important and is a form of active management that I almost feel is undiscovered. There’s a lot of focus on did you beat the benchmark. But I do think that what we really are accountable for – have I achieved your outcome? Way more powerful at the end of the day. And I think that’s a shift at Wells Fargo Asset Management that I’m very excited about.


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Bring us your challenges

Our team consists of diverse minds — including portfolio managers, actuaries, former consultants, and risk managers — who bring intelligence and expertise to our dialog about your portfolio challenges and the desired outcomes. In our discovery together, we help you identify potential pitfalls and uncover opportunities, guide you to understanding your options, and present potential solutions that focus on what matters most to you.

The journey map

We bring an open-minded approach to the Multi-Asset Solutions journey map — observing trends through our clients’ eyes and recognizing that each client has different needs and objectives. Our team of experts partners with you to:

  • Fully understand your situation and needs
  • Explore and define the specific challenges you and your stakeholders face
  • Paint a 360-degree picture of the ways those challenges might influence your desired outcomes and investment objectives
  • Draw on all of our investment acumen to develop comprehensive portfolio solutions tailored to your needs
  • Map out implementation of solutions we create together

Our Multi-Asset Solutions team can bring a breadth and depth of resources to serve you, including:

  • Investment approaches such as absolute return, total return, balanced funds, alternative risk premia, and risk hedging
  • Diverse perspectives to provide the creativity needed to create innovative, effective, and targeted solutions
  • Dynamic portfolio analytics incorporating macroeconomic inputs
  • Ongoing research and evidence-based testing to simulate different options and solutions
  • Specialized investment teams spanning passive, factor-based, and active disciplines
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Your team of experts

We like to solve problems. Our team of dedicated and experienced multi-asset solutions leaders welcome the opportunity to work with you to explore solutions for your portfolio challenges. Contact us, or learn more about our Multi-Asset Solutions Team.