Wells Capital Management

Wells Capital Management, Incorporated ("WellsCap")

RTS 28 and Article 65(6) Disclosure

WellsCap is a registered investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission and is not a Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (“MiFID”) entity; however, it is obligated by contract to manage certain client accounts in accordance with MiFID II regulations. Accordingly, WellsCap is posting the top 5 execution venues (as required under MiFID II Regulatory Technical Standard (RTS) 28) and the top 5 execution brokers (as required under MiFID Delegated Regulation Article 65(6) as they relate solely to MiFID accounts. This data does not apply to any of WellsCap’s other managed accounts.

MiFID II regulations require investment firms to publish for each class of financial instrument, a summary of the analysis and conclusions they draw from their detailed monitoring of the quality of execution obtained on the execution venues where they executed all client orders in the previous year. This qualitative report is intended to provide detailed analysis of the execution strategies and tools used by WellsCap to assess the quality of execution obtained on venues and from brokers to assist clients in assessing the WellsCap’s execution practices.

The analysis and reporting data in respect of WellsCap’s RTS 28 and Article 65(6) disclosures can be found using the links on this page.