Wells Fargo Asset Management (International) LLC

Notice: Due to the consolidation, in 2019, of Wells Fargo Asset Management (International) LLC into Wells Fargo Asset Management (International) LTD and its subsequent closure, please refer to the best execution page of Wells Fargo Asset Management (International) LTD for the RTS 28/Article 65(6) tables covering the 2019 calendar year period.

RTS 28 and Article 65(6) Disclosure

Wells Fargo Asset Management (International) LLC (WFAM(I) LLC), as a discretionary portfolio manager authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, has a duty to act and carry out activities in the best interests of clients when placing orders with venues or entities for execution that result from decisions by WFAM(I) LLC to deal in financial instruments on behalf of clients. 

As part of WFAM(I) LLC’s regulatory commitment and to increase transparency related to executing client orders, in accordance with MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive 2014/65/EU) and Commission Delegated Regulation (2017/565) supplementing MiFID II, we are required to summarize and publish, on an annual basis, best execution information and data in order to enable our clients and the public to evaluate the quality of WFAM(I) LLC’s execution practices. 

In particular, WFAM(I) LLC has identified and analyzed the top 5 execution venues (as required under MiFID II Regulatory Technical Standard (RTS) 28) and the top 5 execution brokers (as required under WFAM(I) LLC Delegated Regulation Article 65(6)), in terms of trading volumes in the classes of financial instruments that WFAM(I) LLC executes on behalf of clients, and provided information on the quality of execution obtained.

The analysis and reporting data in respect of WFAM(I) LLC’s RTS 28 and Article 65(6) disclosures can be found using the links on this page.